The inception of Loki’s Wyrdlings occurred in February 2016, as Karlesha Silverros and Kyaza discussed the need for a place for Lokeans to come together. It was acknowledge that within the Heathen/Pagan community, it can be difficult to find groups that embrace Lokeans rather than turning us away entirely or forcing us to operate on the fringes of the group. In many Heathen groups, even talking about Loki can get a Lokean shunned or banned, and we wanted to create an environment that was safe for Lokeans.

We created Loki’s Wyrdlings as a Facebook group that is still going strong today, with a membership of 200 that is continuing to grow. We started with a single rule, as Loki is not a deity that is overly found of rules, and that rule was respect. Treat each other well. We’ve since added guidelines for research when academic topics are broached, and we’ve outlined the consequences for failing to respect other members.

Loki’s Wyrdlings is a Facebook group that embraces Lokeans as well as any other Pagans/Polytheists that don’t quite fit into the mainstream community. The diversity between members has only served to strengthen us, and our membership has grown large enough that we can start doing work to correct the gross misunderstandings that the mainstream Heathen/Pagan communities have about Loki, a God of Liminal Spaces.