We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories:

  • Artwork
    • All artwork must be original pieces and related to Loki and/or his family or your practice as a Lokean.
  • Non-Fiction
    • Short essays  – under 2,000 words – detailing your practices with Loki and/or your experiences.
  • Fiction
    • Short stories – under 5,000 words – that are related to Loki and/or his family.
  • Poetry
    • Any poetic format is acceptable, so long as the subject matter pertains to Loki. Devotional poems and story-oriented poems are acceptable.
  • Recommendations
    • Books in the various categories found on our resources page
    • Blogs to add to our resources page
    • Songs to add to our Playlist

Please send all submissions and inquiries to If your submission is accepted, you will receive an email alerting you that it has been added to our website.