Book List #1: Loki in Pagan Literature 

Playing with Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson by Dagulf Loptson

God in Flames, God in Fetters: Loki’s Role in the Northern Religions by Stephen Grundy

Consuming Flame: A Devotional Anthology for Loki and His Family by Galina Krassrova

Trickster, My Beloved: Poems for Laufey’s Son by Elizabeth Vongvisith

Beyond Reason by Heather Freysdottir


Book List #1.5: Books Concerning Loki that are in-between Pagan/Fiction categories

Loki: Nine Naughty Tales of the Trickster by Mike Vasich


Book List #2: Loki in Fiction 

I Bring the Fire series by C. Gockel

Loki’s Saga: A Novel of the Norse Gods by J. Foslan

Mithermages by Orson Scott Card

Loki by Mike Vasich

Eight Days of Luke by Diane Wynne Jones


Book List #3: Sigyn in Pagan Literature

Sigyn: Lady of the Staying Power by Galina Krasskova

Honoring Sigyn: The Norse Goddess of Constancy by Galina Krasskova


Book List #4: Pagan Titles

Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World by Diana L. Paxson

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers, and Psychics by Sophie Reicher


Blogroll #1: Lokean Blogs 

Dagulf Loptson 

Fire and Ink by Amber Drake


Blogroll #2: Pagan Blogs

A Polytheistic Life by Kyaza

Karlesha Silverros

Sarenth Odinnson

Henadology by Dr. Edward P. Butler

Under the Ancient Oaks by John Beckett

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